Character of Eight Desolate Sword God Novel.

Short Introduction Edit

YC meets her for the first time in the Snow Mountain in Zijin Country. Although the first time they end fighting because she belived that YC knew how to find the Snow Mountain Treasure.

After the Snow Mountain Arc, they meet again while YC was running away from Heavenly Fire Sect Leader and its Elders. She decided to help him and she got injured. When they finally run away from the Heavenly Fire Sect Leader and Elders, YC heal her wounds and then they start to travel together.

Cultivation Edit

Realm and Rank Chapter
Heavenly Beast Realm 6th Rank Ch. 99
Profound Beast Realm 1st Rank Ch. 192
Profound Beast Realm 4th Rank Ch. 243
Profound Beast Realm 5th Rank Ch. 274
Profound Beast Realm 6th Rank Ch. 341