After his "Talent Test" Ye Chenfeng was considered the genius of Zijin Country because his talent rank was 6th but when he took part in the "Soul Beast Awakening", when he was 13 years old, it was discovered that he didn't have a Soul Beast. Although he has a high talent-rank, without a Soul Beast it is impossible to cultivate for him.

Fortunately after merging with the "God Bitting Brain" he obtains a Soul Beast that resulted to be a blood egg.


Soul Beast Chapter Details
Blood Egg Ch. 04 He obtains it after merging with the "God Bitting Brain".
Blood Dragon Ch. 152 The Blood Egg hatches after Ye Chenfeng breaks through Heavenly Beast Realm and with help of a 100.000 years old Spiritual Pond.
Blood Dragon King Ch. 238 Blood Dragon evolves after consuming a drop of Heavenly Soul Blood and refining some souls from Beasts.
Two-headed Blood Dragon King Ch. 242 Blood Dragon King mutates after consuming another drop of Heavenly Soul Blood and refining the remnant soul of a Battle Beast Sovereign Realm cultivator.