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Equipment and Items Edit

- God Bitting Brain (Ch. 3) Edit

  • Name given by Ye Chenfeng.
  • Ye Chenfeng obtains it after killing Qi Tongtian.
  • It enhances Ye Chenfeng's understanding in Soul Skills/Tactics and Laws.

- Chaos Divine Tree's Log (Ch. 74) Edit

  • It was in a wooden box that his adoptive father left for him to the Ye Family's Lord before his suspicious death with a message saying that this log has a connection with Ye Chenfeng's origin.
  • Thanks to it, Ye Chenfeng can use a bit of Chaos Qi.
  • Its helps Ye Chenfeng to absorb various types of energy.

- Giant Heavenly Sword (Ch. 148) Edit

  • Ye Chenfeng obtains it after passing the second part of the Spirit's Clan Inheritance First Test.

- Sword Soul Puppet (Ch. 151) Edit

  • This is the reward for passing the Spirit's Clan Inheritance First Test.
  • It consumes Soul Crystals to work.
  • Its strength depends on the Soul Crystals' quality, higher the quality greater the prowess.

- Flying Immortal Sword (Ch. 372) Edit

  • Ye Chenfeng found it in a jungle while travelling.
  • It was next to a crystal skeleton, when he tries to grab the sword it moves and attack him.
  • After defeating it the remnant Soul in the skeleton gives it to Ye Chenfeng and tells him that only cultivators who understand the Sword Dao can inherit the sword.