Bloodline(s) Edit

In this world there are people who born with bloodlines from beasts because of theirs ancestors, family, parents, etc. Although Ye Chenfeng is not one of them, along the story he ends acquiring some Bloodlines.

Bloodline Chapter Details/Ability
Unknown Golden Blood Ch. 04 - Ye Chenfeng obtains it after merging with the "God Bitting Brain".
Golden Peng Bloodline Ch. 144 - Ye Chenfeng obtains it after passing the first part of the Spirit's Clan Inheritance First Test.

- With it, Ye Chenfeng can form two giant wings like the ones the Pengs have and fly at extreme speed.

Heavenly Soul Bloodline Ch. 231 - After refining a drop of the Heavenly Soul Blood, he acquires the knowledge of how to evolve/strengthen his Soul Beast.
Dragon Bloodline Ch. 338 - Ye Chenfeng obtains it after consuming some dragon-type herbs and a drop of dragon's blood.

- Using it can promote Ye Chenfeng strength a certain %.

Demon God Bloodline Ch. 500 - Obtained in the Ethereal Mountains' Sacred Place, which is a place that comes from the Heaven Territory, It has a Divine Ability.

- Demon God's Body: the user body gets bigger and starts to exude Demon Qi, also his/her strength gets amplified.